From the Desk of Chairman


Beloved citizens of Tinsukia,

The word development in its truest sense is a development that must be sustainable in order to satisfy the needs of the present without sacrificing the needs of future generations.

With all my heart, I would like to express my PROFOUND THANKS to the people of Tinsukia for giving me the opportunity to lead the municipality towards genuine development adopting the principles of good governance, Participation and Consensus Orientation, Strategic Vision, Effectiveness and Efficiency, Accountability, Transparency and Fairness.

In my capacity as the FIRST LADY CHAIRPERSON of Tinsukia Municipal Board my focus will be to ensure the right to public health, efficient and quality basic services to all citizens, to provide a congenial environment, to Maintain the municipal markets, stalls, public utilities, Regulation of hygienic conditions of food stalls, restaurants, hotels, Provision of parking space, Maintenance of footpaths, lanes, by-lanes, drainage system, public toilets, wholesome and efficient service to all tax payers etc.

The launching of this users friendly website is a step forward to achieve our objectives. This website is a result of hard work of several months and this will serve as a valuable resorses for every tax payer. The Tax/ Fees payers may now make various payments on line without visiting the office of TMB.

We value the feedback of our tax payers, so if you have any suggestion to improve any areas of our website, please drop us an e-mail at