From the Desk of Executive Officer


Beloved citizens of Tinsukia,

At the outset, I convey my heartfelt greetings to on and all.

As the Executive Officer of TMB, I feel a deep sense of responsibility to render efficient and effective services to the citizens within the jurisdiction of the Tinsukia Municipality. In keeping with the rich cultural heritage of of the city, TMB assures services to all its citizens in a fair, just and reasonable manner. With this view, we are keen to develop a sense of involvement and participation in all its stakeholders to effectively address their concerns and grievances. We are committed in providing an accountable and transparent civic administration for the benefit of all . Hence, on behalf of TMB, I solicit the co-operation of each and every citizen to create a success story together.

Thanking You.

Dharmistha Dutta, AUAS

Executive Officer, TMB